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Eliminate Scheduling conflicts and control overtime.

Time Clock & Attendance

Online Time Clocking Software accurately tracks employee hours.

Človeški viri

Centralized staff training, vacation, and HR document management. Business Management Software that centralizes staff training, vacation, and HR document management.

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"ShiftPlanning combines all the best tools and capabilities of employee scheduling software, making an ideal product for your business...cutting-edge online features and ideal scheduling capabilities."

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Schedule in Pocket

Incredibly simple interface and intelligent communication platform saves time and money while improving employee accountability.

Stay Connected

Make changes and updates to the work schedule anytime from your Android or iPhone. Fill open shifts in seconds.

Spend Less

Plan your payroll expenses and overtime in real-time. Instantly see how many hours and dollars are being scheduled.

Pogosta vprašanja

Kdo naj uporablja ShiftPlanning?

ShiftPlanning is the perfect online workforce management software solution for any business that needs to manage employees or volunteers. Here are some example industries where ShiftPlanning is already deployed: retail, restaurants, call centers, hotels, hospitals for Doctors and Nurses, volunteers and more!

Koliko časa bom rešiti z uporabo ShiftPlanning?

ShiftPlanning’s online employee scheduling software is cutting employee scheduling and workforce management related tasks for businesses by up to 90%! To learn more about how ShiftPlanning is being put to work in various industries and saving businesses time visit our Customer Success Stories.

Bodo moji zaposleni kot ShiftPlanning?

They’ll love it! In fact employees like us so much that they’re even recommending us to their managers! Employees love the ability to login whenever they want and check schedules, pick-up open shifts, make shift trades, book vacation time and more.

Ali ShiftPlanning delo z drugimi aplikacijami?

ShiftPlanning integrira s ton aplikacij vaše podjetje že uporablja. Bomo povezali z aplikacije, kot so GoogleApps, Facebook, Google Calendar, iPhone in z našo API vključevanja, možnosti so neskončne!

Ali lahko uvoz / izvoz svojih podatkov?

Da, kadar hočeš! Nudimo možnosti za urnik in podatki o zaposlenih, uvoz / izvoz preko CSV. In. XLS na naši spletni strani, in z našo API imate popoln dostop do vseh podatkov v naše programske opreme za upravljanje zaposlenih kadarkoli.

Koliko ShiftPlanning stroške?

ShiftPlanning’s online employee scheduling software starts at just $33 a month and scales on demand to meet your business’s workforce management needs. Learn more about our flexible and affordable pricing and billing options.

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